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Monitor your pool. Calculate chemical doses. Do science. Save money.

Pool Wise is a mobile app that helps you monitor and maintain the chemistry of your pool water. You simply enter your pool details, submit your water test results, and get instant recommendations to keep your pool water clean and sparkling.

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Why Pool Wise?

Maintaining a pool can be intimidating at first, and if you run into water problems it can be frustrating to spend hundreds of dollars at the pool store on chemicals. Pool Wise is designed to help you take control of your pool and gain an understanding of basic pool chemistry. Save hundreds of dollars a year by maintaining your pool with Pool Wise.

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  • Remembers your pool information so you do not need to enter it every time you submit test results
  • Keeps track of one pool or multiple pools
  • Automatically calculates and recommends chemical adjustments based on your pool and your preferred chemicals — use automatic guidelines or set up your own custom chemical targets
  • Provides substitute recommendations for other common pool chemicals if applicable
  • Saves test results so previous data points can be referenced
  • Automatically charts test results over time so you can view trends and see how things change throughout the pool season
  • Keeps your data portable — bulk import existing pool test data and combine it with data in the app, or export app data in JSON format
  • Includes a calculator for pool volume
  • Help section that covers pool chemistry basics, testing techniques, dosing, maintenance, and common water problems
  • Stores data locally on your phone, no signup account needed, works offline

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Here's a quick peek at the app.